R & D Unit


Research and Development Unit


The R & D team designs and develops new formulations that are considered for the improvement of the products quality and refinements of the customer needs and views. All stages of the development of a pharmaceutical formulation, from the pre-formulation to the production of experimental and industrial batches, and validation of the manufacturing and testing methods that ultimately lead to the compilation of a CTD drug case. In order to achieve the long-term goals of the company, the activities of this section are carried out by experienced individuals and personnel with sufficient expertise, such as pharmacists and chemists. The unit also includes hardware and software facilities, scientific resources, documented and certified documents, and a variety of advanced and modern research equipment.

Formulation development and design

In this unit, using the knowledge and experience of expert experts, using the latest version of the drug resources, the selection of ingredients, appropriate pharmaceutical forms, packaging and other related matters are performed, and the methods will continue to validate and approve the optimal formulation. All required analysis are implemented in this unit in accordance with the latest version of the Pharmacopoeia and in-vitro studies, along with sustainability studies, including accelerated, intermediate, and periodic studies.

Analytical section

All analytical tests are carried out in this unit in accordance with the latest pharmacopoeia methods (USP.BP.EP) and the validation of analytical methods as well.

Documentation section

All scientific and practical documentation related to optimized formulation or the new formula which are being used in drug CTDs are collected in this section.