Production Unit


Production unit

Manufacturing operations and production processes are carried out with relatively advanced European / Indian / Iranian machines and in a relatively closed system. Manufacturing personnel and technical staff are familiar with the GMP requirements, and in all cases, adhering to SOPs that are based on the principles of GMP and Pic/s. Solid section comprise granulation units, tablet presses, coatings, filling capsules and packaging. All products for production have an identification called Master Formula that includes all operational processes from the time of delivery from the central weighing to the end of packaging and delivery to the product warehouse. Also, the fluid unit contains two parts of the manufacturing and packaging, and the manufacturing processes are controlled as well as in the form of solids in the form of the Master Formula.

The Pharma Chemie pharmaceutical company produces a range of high-quality products and reliable brands that have a significant role in promoting public health and improving the quality of life of patients in the country. Currently, our company produces more than forty pharmaceutical products in the main areas of treatment, such as cardiovascular, pain relievers, digestive, nervous, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines and vitamins. The main goal of the pharmaceutical company is to provide a wide range of drugs. We are one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of various drugs in Iran. We are also keen and committed to launch in the near future a new site in seven floors and with the participation of foreign companies to create a line of biotechnology products. We are continuing to develop our activities for the production of solid medicines including tablets, capsules and sachets, and semi-solids, including creams, ointments, gels, suppositories, as well as oral and syrup solutions.


1-    Performance and supervision of all processes by competent and qualified staff in production section.
2-    Producing quality products in accordance with GMP principles and full compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards.
3-    Control the production of products in accordance with the timetable and allocated budget.
4-    All operations performed on materials and products, including quarantine, sampling, storage, labeling, weighing, processing, packaging and distribution, must be done and recorded based on writing instructions.
5-    Application of policies which increase the productivity of production and upgrade acceptable standards.
6-    Eliminating problems or deficiencies in production processes.