Marketing & branding

Marketing, Branding and Public Relations Unit

Undoubtedly, it can be said that each production unit needs to advertise and introduce its products in the consumer market in order to enter the country's economic market and to present it in the domestic and foreign markets and to allocate part of the world economy market. To achieve this goal, Pharma Chemie has set up the marketing and branding unit from 2015. This unit focuses on the main goals of the company and has been able to carry out the following activities alongside the goals:

1-    Active participation in exhibitions, fairs and international congresses , advertising and the introduction of the company into domestic and foreign consumption markets, and the establishment of communication and interaction with the company's related producers.
2-    Making the products of the company as brand in order to enter the competitive pharmaceutical market
3-    Visiting and advertising in the pharmacies and introducing the products of the company and their brands
4-    Market consumption analysis through the information  gotten from pharmacies visit
5-    Striving, surveying and following up the production of new products and adding them to the pharmaceutical basket of the company's products
6-    Collecting information and reviewing it, and coordinating necessary requirements for the meetings with domestic and foreign companies and attracting foreign investments
7-    Advertising in related press, journals, and publications
8-    Creating a telegram channel and in order to instant notification
9-    Supervision the company’s website