H.S.E.E Unit


H.S.E.E Unit

Strategic plans of the H.S.E.E unit of Pharma Chemie Company are compiled and implemented on the basis of the following strategic and high level documents:

1. Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Article 29 and Article 50 of the Constitution)

2. 1404 Iranian Outlook Document (National Environmental Document of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Paragraph 4 of the 1404 Iranian Outlook Document)

3. The signified policies of the Supreme Leader (Section 19 of the General Policy of the System – sections 1,2,3,4,6 of the General Health Policies)

4. A set of national laws and regulations in the areas of health, safety, environment and energy (Chapter IV of the Labor Code, Labor Protection and Hygiene Regulations, Labor Hygiene’s set of rules and regulations, Iran Environmental protection rules and regulations, The Law on The amendment of the energy consumption pattern and related standards in four areas)

5. National and International approved memoranda and Protocols

6. The decisions of the H.S.E.E Supreme Council

The company's H.S.E.E unit consists of 4 sections:

1- Health Department

2- Safety Department

3- Environment Department

4- Energy Department