Mission & Vission



Pharma Chemie Pharmaceutical Company has set the stage of satisfaction of stakeholders and continuous improvement for its current and future processes as an economic setup. In this regard, it plans to strategically focus on learning, innovation, and the use of the latest scientific achievements and expands its presence in the field of competition and sustainable development. Pharma Chemie management group and staff are committed to maintaining their health and preventing pollution and loss of environmental resources in accordance with the related laws and regulations, and produce and present the products of the company with the highest possible quality.



Pharma Chemie Pharmaceutical Company, which is one of the most prominent pharmaceutical and sanitary producers, emphasizes on three main areas:

1.     Maintaining the market share and increasing the pharmacy basket.

2.     Increasing the product quality by obtaining a GMP certificate and variety of products by purchasing the latest technology achievements.

3.     Expanding the export of pharmaceutical products and entering the global markets.



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