Pharma Chemie Pharmaceutical Company started its activity in the field of pharmaceutical products in Tehran (Amirabad) in 1956 by the private sector investment with the name of Labranoe laboratory. With the efforts of the shareholders in 1964, the Labranoe Company expanded and started its new activities in the current building on an area of 17500 square meters located at 7 km of Karaj Special Road - the beginning of the Azadegan highway and through obtaining certificates under license of France, Japan and the USA developed their products under the name of Pharma Chemie Company and after a relatively long period, in the end of March 1999, the stock of Pharma Chemie purchased by the Healthcare Insurance Organization.

The company's products were initially limited in solid and semi-solid forms (suppositories, creams, gels) and fluids, which gradually increased the variety of its products, with the current distribution of 45 types of pharmaceutical products to domestic and global markets.

In order to achieve its most important goal of producing better quality products in accordance with the latest global standards and entry into global markets and increasing the market share of pharmaceuticals both domestic and international,Pharma Chemie Company started its first steps towards obtaining the global GMP certificate by rebuilding the site of semi-solids and liquids in January 2016 and completed its finalization in March 2016.

Overwhelming efforts and the will of managers and personnel of the company and the enthusiasm of reaching to an ideal future for the company to promote its goals, continued until the end of the operation of the reconstruction of the entire company, which began in December 2016 and finished in September 2107.

Now, the company is on the verge of obtaining certificates from the global standard of GMP, GLP, GSP, to finalize the achievement of its goal and guarantee the company's future by attracting foreign investments and expanding exports to the future foreign markets.