Iran Health Insurance Organization


Development of the health insurance system of the country is one of the most important decrees emphasized in the general policies of the Supreme Leader, the law of the fifth development plan and one of the main goals of the health insurance organization of Iran. By the formation of this organization, the responsibility of one of the biggest reforms in the social welfare system of the country has been taken to the organization, and the first steps of realization of such great goals as justice orientation, improving the level of quality in the provision of health services, reducing the payment from the insured pockets, eliminating insurance overlap and expanding family doctor program and referral system have been done throughout the country.

Therefore, according to the statute of the formation of the organization on 12/08/2012 and in accordance with Article No. 38 of the fifth development plan law, with the aggregation of insurance organizations of the country, the Health Insurance Organization of Iran was established on 22/09/2012 so that the basic health services are offered equally to all people in the form of an organization. Therefore, the entire population of the country will receive a basic health insurance and no one will be considered as uncovered by the insurance coverage in the country. Accordingly, from 22/09/2012, Iran Health Insurance Organization officially began its activities and it was given a mission to take the necessary proceedings in order to focus on all health insurance activities in the organization through the rapid integration of the health insurance sectors of all funds under Article 5 of the Law on State Service Management and Article 5 of the Public Accounting Law of the country in accordance with the provisions of Article 38 of the Fifth Development Plan Law for the Organization Statute, so that the legislator's high-level objectives, including the integration of health financial sources, the elimination of overlapping health insurance, social justice in the health sector, the full coverage of health insurance, the harmonization of policies and procedures in the field of health insurance, establishment of the contracting centers affairs, health records creation, activation of the referral system and family physicians, and reducing the share of people in treatment costs to 30% come true.

Iran Health Insurance Organization provides the same medical services for insured persons throughout the country as one of the most important regulations of the servant government in implementing Article 38 (j) of the 38th Fifth Development Plan Act.