Pharma Chemie Pharmacceutical Company started its activity in the field of pharmaceutical products in Tehran (Amirabad) in 1956 by the private sector investment with the name of  Labranoe laboratory. Together with the efforts of stockholders in 1964, the Labranoe Company expanded and started its new business in the current building on an area of 17500 square meters and after a relatively long period, in the end of March 1999, the stock of Pharma Chemie purchased by the Healthcare Insurance Organization.(Which The Was Called Health Services Insurance)

In order to produce better quality products in accordance with the latest global standards and to increase the market share of domestic pharmaceutical and export through marketing and branding products, which is its main goal, the company has been working out of its efforts since 2016 to rebuild the entire factory in order to obtain the standards of the GMP , GLP , GSP , and HSE, so that with the help of Allah the Almighty and perseverance and endless effort of staff and committed managers, now it is possible to achieve the goal.


 GMP Certificate


Pharma Chemie company as a pharmaceutical Factory was established in 1956. At that time the name of company was LABRANO. This company was started its activity by producing of pharmaceutical products. In 1963 by purchasing of the extra land, total area of the company expanded up to 20000 M2 and the location of the factory moved to the 8th km of Tehran-Karaj Makhsous road - Beginning of Azadegan highway, Tehran, Iran. Labrano Company took several licenses from France - Japan - USA - and expanded its products up to 40 different pharmaceutical finished dosage forms by Pharma chemie Co. name. During the last 3 years this company had a huge change to republic its structure and to make new horizons in accordance with the current world's requirement such as GMP. At this time Pharma chemie Co. is a famous and one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Iran, has around 200 employees whom most of them are specialist in production and management skills; it has 42 Pharmaceutical products, 5 Hygienic products and 17 Bulk drugs (Prodochemie).