Pharmachemie Pharmaceutical Co is one of the pioneer companies manufacturing pharmaceutical tablets , capsules , syrups and creams since 1956 placed in tehran-iran. In order to produce better quality products in accordance with the latest global standards and to increase the market share of domestic pharmaceutical and export products base an goal marketing and branding plans, which is its main goal, the company has been working out of its efforts since 2016 to rebuild the entire factory in order to obtain the standards of the GMP, GLP, GSP, and HSE

Pharmachemie Co.(S.A)

درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

Organizational values

  • Preserving human dignity

  • Customer Orientation and perception of community needs

  • Loyalty and work commitment

  • Criteria and process orientation

  • Team working

  • Qualified production and innovation in products

  • Employment and training of proficient and willing people

  • Sustainable consumption of sources and energy

  • Staff health and environmental protection

  • Corresponding and interaction with supervision organization

خدمات استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

Corporate social responsibility​​​​​​​

We have accompanied with Sky`s Children.
Pharmachemie Pharmaceutical Company had a visitation from Sky`s Children charity organization (Bachehaye Aseman), presenting necessary medicines and gifts on 3 December 2019 performing social responsibilities. 

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